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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  July 20, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm CDT

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some workers have no choice but if you do, stay indoors today. we have an excessive heat warning dangers their quality as well good afternoon i am steve sanders ... and i'm dina bair we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web ... randi bellisomo has a live report ... >> it may very well hit 101 agrees
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that the record set 31 years ago and what it feels like it's the heat index is expected to be between 110-115 degrees the national weather service is calling the city of chicago a heat island where the heat will remain above 100 degrees and is not likely to fall below 90 degrees all night we are in heat warning advisory until early friday morning this week people are urged to check on the elderly watch the children stay cool and safe and hydrated ... we look back to a time when the heat wave hitting chicago years ago killed nearly 700 people ... >>it's too hot out hear people can die in these heat waves to
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right now we're just trying to duck it. >>people need to be vigilant extreme he is dangerous we want to all the weekend to get the message out to assure that we are being good neighbors and checking on one another especially those with limited mobility and the elderly ... >>the city is providing cooling centers for a complete list go to and you can call 311 for other services that may help pia ... >>double trouble. not only extensive heat but it is a bed pollution day as well both the illinois and are meant to protection agency and the indiana department of environmental management declared today air pollution action days ...
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>>people are urged to stay indoors with air-conditioning or friend calling center ... check on your elders ... >>your action days are on the way according to the union of concerned scientists ... they say the climate change is going to make it worse for us here in the chicago area as the temperatures get harder in the years to come. scientists said the high temperatures combined with emissions from coal power plants could make conditions hazardous more often the epa is expected to issue guidelines and coal plants later this month ... >>the chicago park district this there's a swimming banned today rainbow beach and the south side because of high levels of bacteria and that water the rest of chicago's lakefront beaches are open for swimming today nancy loo has a live report from north avenue beach ... >>on one of the hottest days in
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years, city workers were on christmas morning. the heat and humidity caused an 8 in. water main to burst causing shortages at the north avenue beach house ... >>we have issues all over right now we're doing our best ... we are running the cruiser during their jobs ... >>fortunately things were fixed head of the serious heat and the crowds of people don't seem to mind the elbow room on the sand fog is not a factor but yesterday the city was forced to banned swimming at all but one of the chicago beach's due to a sudden a blanket of fog preventing lifeguards from rescuing anyone in distress because of poor visibility ... >>hopefully it won't happen
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again today ... >>today you can see that the visibility is good and the bigger factor for this afternoon is that excessive heat. at this point all city beaches are open with the exception of rainbow beach with the water quality being poor ... >>we have more coverage of the heat wave on our web site. go to wave to see more stories and video we have created a special photo gallery where you can upload your pictures you can also get the latest weather info @ chicago weather ... >>about 2100 customers remain without power falling overnight storms. thunder and lightning caused power outages in a few of the suburbs. the o'hare oasis and one metra line also lost
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power for a while com-ed has nearly 350 crews out today working to make permanent repairs to some areas damaged in last week's storms they're also keeping an eye on any potential outages due to the heat the he is affecting other parts of the country to sidewalks and roadways across the country starting to buckle under the persistent heat public works officials say if it gets any worse concrete could actually start to explode it happens when water is strapped for under the concrete officials warn of pc concrete heating are pushing upward don't drive or walk over it ... as temperatures continue to rise in the triple digits experts are reminding people to pay special attention to their pets and animals can get overheated as well veterinarians are reminding pet owners that animals could get overheated the suggests keeping pets inside during the intense heat and if you can't there are some signs to watch for ... like excessive
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panting it's nothing obvious you must be careful to watch for signs of lethargy its best to get them to the vet if you see any bad symptoms if you have to keep them outside make sure they have access to plenty of water and shade. >>the suspect in a decades-old murder and illinois appears before a judge to fight extradition >>british prime minister david cameron is defending a former aide arrested in the news of the world checking scandal ... and to the gang of six come to the rescueitst every day you live with
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before starting humira, your doctor should test you for tb. ask your doctor if you live or have been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. tell your doctor if you have had tb, hepatitis b are prone to infections, or have symptoms such as fever, fatigue cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. make today the day you talk to your rheumatologist. and ask how you can defend against and help stop further joint damage with humira. the man accused of kidnapping and killing a seven year-old girl and sycamore back in 1957 in it has waived his right to an extradition hearing in seattle and is on his way face charges
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jack daniel mccullough has maintained his innocence he appeared in a courtroom in seattle this morning ... authorities arrested him after an unused train ticket surfaced in the reopened the case court records show that jack daniel mccullough is on sister and an ex-wife alleged pattern of sexual abuse ... >>authorities are questioning several people about the monday night shooting of 2 chicago police officers in the west garfield park neighborhood one of the question is being described as a person of interest both officers were shot around 1045 monday when investigating what appear to be a drug deal your wilcox and karlov avenue one of the officer suffered a graze wound to the head and his bicep his partner remains hospitalized with a bullet lodged behind his left ear but he is reportedly alert and in good spirits no charges have been filed to get ... >>a teenager from lake forest
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died in a freak accident in wyoming ... please a 16 year-old elizabeth burns was killed when a 75 a tall tree toppled over ... >>if former high-ranking chicago police officer who oversaw that after jewelry worth millions of dollars are decades is now halfway house in the chicago area 82 year-old william m. hart was released from a federal prison in terre haute indiana he pleaded guilty and it doesn't want to running the theft of a jewelry worth more than $5 million ... british prime minister david kelman says his regrets hiring a former tabloid editor at the center of the phone hacking scandal he defended his integrity telling british lawmakers that if he knew that latinos now about andy coulson he would not offer him a job andy coulson is a former editor of the now-defunct news of the world david cameron also denied having an improper conversations about media mogul rupert murdoch's efforts to take
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i am angie lau 0 of bloomberg news ... ... stocks are little changed as the senate works on the plan to deal with the debt ceiling crisis ... apple is shining on wall street today numbers are soaring after record sales posted and they announced today they will begin selling their updated it mac many beginning at $500 it will feature new graphics and next- generation intel corp. processors ... apple's victory
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over h t c corporation may slow the advance of the google android operating system for a smart phones ... a judge found that h t c infringed on two patents owned by apple ... the housing market is heading another bottom latest reports on previously owned home sales unexpectedly fell to below last month the industry is still struggling to recover ... harry potter magic may overtake
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paramount with its $400 million plus ticket receipts warner brothers can overtake paramount for the first time quite awhile ... >>thanks injury ... the sun is shining and you are having trouble keeping your employees focused work is their way to get your staff motivated when summer is in full swing? trib-u and jennifer michael is here with some advicemichael is here with some advicjennifer weigel is here with some advice ... >>we spoke with experts to make it a point to rally employees
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during seasonal changes ... if you implement alternate activities it's proven that productivity will increase ... you can try those summer hours where you work 10 hours on the front end of the week to get shorter hours for friday ... work on telecommuting options ... and bring the party to the office may be planned an outing and divide tasks into smaller modules ... revised schedules
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established a accessible cellphone policy ... 90 percent of people will do more work if they know there are some perks at stake ... incentivize people and get creative ... and get more teams organized ... and that will go a long way throughout the year in building trust throughout the workplace ... for more life lessons you can add to the chicago
12:19 pm thanks jennifer >>of next to the chronic health problem that gop presidential hopeful michele bachman reportedly suffers from ... could affect her ability to serve as president? and they are all current current students at the university of illinois in champaign live music this midday from alternative pop rockers good luck jane ... ÷
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president obama and top lawmakers will meet at the white house today to discuss a potential breakthrough and the battle of the country's bulging debt. a group of republican and democratic senators are proposing reducing the deficit by 3.7 trillion dollars over 10 years the spending cuts and tax hikes the president is supporting this plan the group includes illinois democratic senator dick durbin we spoke with dick durbin and republican congressman adam cans and her about the proposal ... we're putting everything on the table ... >>is pretty light on details right now we had a handful of
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democrats supporting cut cap and balance i think that's a good way of moving forward in the house but both sides have to talk to come together ... >>that cut cap and balanced legislation congressmankinzinger just referred to slash spending and does not call for any tax increases which is a major sticking point ... >>the taliban is his dyingdenying reports that its leader is dead. and says american intelligence agencies may that story up the caliban claimstaliban claims that their mobile phones in males and a website or hacked after messages were sent out reporting that mullah mohammad omar was dead omar is one of the most wanted man in the world with a 10 million- dollar bounty on his head ...
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arizona is trying a new approach to tracking down on illegal immigration the state is looking to build a wall along its border with mexico using private funding and has set up a special fund people condone it to the move is in response to frustration with congress ... michele bachman is campaign confirms that the presidential candidates suffers from migraine headaches her press secretary says bachman is on medication to keep them under control but at least three people close to bachman paint a different picture in an article by the on- line publication the daily caller they describe the headaches as incapacitating and debilitating and they said at least three times when bachman have to be hospitalized because of the severe migraines ... >>michele bachman says that her migraines are under control and would not affect her ability to serve as commander-in-chief the daily caller reported that bachman has had to cancel events and has even missed congressional votes due to these migraines ...
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>>there is a republican twittered debate taking place ... among all of the presidential hopefuls from the gop taking part ... >>first lady michele obama will appear on the hit reality show extreme makeover home edition ... the white house says it that she will join the crew on thursday in north carolina she will be helping to build a boarding house meant for homeless women veterans michelle obama will be participating as part of joining forces a program that also includes participation by the wife of vice president joe biden dr. jill biden the episode will air in october ... we will be right back
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these his sizzling temperatures are posing serious threats to children's safety experts at children's memorial hospital and safe kids illinois offered some tips to protect children ... children do not sweat as well as adults they're less likely to drink when they're moving around and it takes children a lot longer to get just to the hot weather ... parents are warned to keep their children out of the car and intense heat and to keep an eye on them and keep them away from open windows and intentional injuries are the leading cause of death
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for children in the 40 kids die every day from things like drownings and car crashes ... >>the really hot day there isys believe it or not have been fewer in number as recently ... i also want to remember these pollution action days that been declared by the illinois and indiana epa ...
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looking at the weather maps ... the heat dome is going on unabated with 32 states under heat advisory's including all the major population centers from the east coast through our area west ... we counted 14 states yesterday and the 100 degree temperature ranges and many with temperatures over 90 degrees which is where we are across the area right now ... the wind is blowing off sure it keeps that cooler air over the lake ... all of the people in our viewing area are experiencing the heat index of over 100 degrees right now ... it is currently 95 degrees at o'hare. it's 93 degrees in
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minneapolis. when temperatures get above 95 degrees the wind makes you feel hotter it does not have a cooling chilling effect ... the sunburned times are 16 and 40 minutes and the variables on those allergens are moderate to high today ... in wrigleyville the cubs game will be getting underway and it is currently 96 degrees. here in
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the city ... we're talking 100 degrees ... it's 93 degrees at midway 97 and naperville 91 at harvard ... here of the thunderstorms the complex that started in northern wisconsin is fading and moving up into the atmosphere ... things are heading north to the canadian border where the jet stream has right now ... the heaviest rain was up north ...
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we will keep adding to these 90 degree-days ... we are expecting this hundred degree temperature run to go into friday morning said that he could rise three will remain in effect until then ... the national weather service is calling chicago a heat island environment ... here are the high temperatures for tomorrow across the metro area ... here the heat indices for this afternoon tonight we go no lower than the mid to upper
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80s and they stay at 90 degrees here in the city ... it will continue to get hot into t tomorrow ... we are looking at a very stormy pattern going later tomorrow into friday probably to the north of us ... by tomorrow we could have heavy rain producers with thunderstorms and by friday very heavy rain can occur and then we go back to heat for the weekend ...
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it looks like a severe weather will be occurring to the north of us here is the chicago forecast with he'd advisories' out across 32 states excessive heat warning and air pollution action days are here in chicago we have a high of 100 degrees on the thermometer the southwest wind is blowing at 12 to 24 mi. per hour ... it will be hazy hot and humid with oppressive heat ... more excessive heat tomorrow with sunshine leading to scattered afternoon thunderstorms giving us 30% area downpours ... and friday has
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severe weather forecast as well with high temperatures ... we will be warming up again over the weekend into the high 90 degree range ... and we have signs of more severe heat next week as well ... we are well above average on these daily temperatures ... >>it is time for today's trivia question: time ink began publishing which 35 send weekly magazine in 197 what is that? oh, we call it the bundler. let's say you need home and auto insurance. you give us your information once, online... [ whirring and beeping ] [ ding! ] and we give you a discount on both. sort of like two in one. how did you guys think of that?
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>>time for sports ... after blowing seven saves carlos marmol had the night off. so sean marshall stepped into the
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closer role temporarily ... scoreless in the first starlin castro hit one into the left- field basket his third home run of the year the cubs were up 2-0 sean marshall gave up the go ahead hit to michael martino as the cubs lost 4-2 ... >>the white sox were in a very hot kansas city no score in the first inning carlos quentin singled to center and drove in a run rya us would add another to go up 2-0 early in the game but its two-one in the sixth inning when matt treanor looked won over the infield with the bases loaded two runs with score the white sox went on to lose 04-2 the nfl players association could vote on a new collective bargaining agreement today's if so nfl owners are expected to vote on it in atlanta tomorrow fact there is still that
12:40 pm
antitrust lawsuit involving 10 players to be settled but the bears could be in training camp as soon as next week there has been no word on hall of fame game against the rams on august 7th ticket sales to happen next thursday ... for one lockout and into another just beginning the nba released a full regular season schedule and another may not be won the collective bargaining agreement expired last month but bloomberg reports that the first face-to- face negotiations will take place this friday the two sides are reportedly $7 billion apart ... yao ming retired from the nba today the 7 ft. 6 in. center announced his retirement from his home country china the third year-old played eight seasons for the houston rockets but was forced to retire due to cubs to a foot and ankle injuries maine was the first player ever from another country to be picked
12:41 pm
first in an nba draft is credited with introducing in expanding the game in china and is also known for his humanitarian work ... >>lets look at sports your life illinois lottery drawing ... >>here are the winning picked three numbers: 7 8 3 >>here are the winning pick four numbers: 5 8 6 4..
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on the medical watch ... when you are counting calories restaurant menus can help you now ... a lot of restaurants list calories in their menu items on their websites but tufts university researchers found us carry counts are not
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always accurate. the researchers purchased food from 42 fast food and sit-down restaurants in three states when the measure the calories they found that about one in five dishes had at least a hundred more calories than what the restaurant said on its web site the study appears in the journal of the american medical association ... birth control should be fully covered under health insurance plans that's the recommendation from the institute of medicine and a report by the institute says that contraceptives sterilization and reproductive education should all be covered as well as annual hiv tests breastfeeding support and female wellness' care visits if the department of health and human services accept the recommendations women would no longer have to pay deductibles co-payments or other out-of- pocket fees for approved birth control ... a new study suggests that second-hand smoke is associated with hearing loss and
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teenagers with an 1500 nonsmoking teenagers in the study underwent hearing tests and the researchers measured levels of nicotine by product and the blood that's often used as a bio-marker for smoke exposure teenagers with the highest level of the nicotine by product or may likely to have hearing loss and the greater the smoke exposure the greater the damage ... coming up we have a lunch break withitst
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>>we're making a light and healthy dish tuna avocado poke ... kee chan the chef and owner of larry is a kayak public is joining us todaylire is a kayakzakaya
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pub joins us today ... are you having to make this well in advance to marinate the fish? >>know you can make this just before you begin or serve it ... so you are adding fresh avocado ... good facts good consistency ... you just have to make sure to
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maintain that chilled temperature in this warm weather ... yes when you purchase the tuna and bring it home keep it well chilled and after you prepare the dish keep it chilled when you serve it ... we have a citrus sauce ... we are blending that with blue cheese we had a japanese citrus for being blended with some other spices ... it's a seven spice mixture with the japanese citrus and the blue cheese being mixed altogether for a creamy sauce ... the second sauce i am
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then repair split ends. zero fear of breakage 100% more strength. no regrets, just health. i'm not giving up the heat. [ female announcer ] the breakage to strength system from pantene. and now the answer to today's trivia question: time ink began publishing which 35 sent weekly magazine in 1974? the answer is people magazine ... >>and back to tom skilling ... >>this is the warmest opening to a july and 32 years we are five degrees above a long time average temperature ... we're watching and thermometers already bumping up against 100
12:56 pm
degrees in several locations as you can say whether it risers around for 32 states ... we have storms developing later this afternoon probably to the north of us but the big stores with the storms of new the canadian border ... here is the rain fall forecast going into friday ... we may get some pretty good rain here on friday ... we will remain hot
12:57 pm
thursday friday and saturday and into sunday we will be at the 90 degree temperatures and this will be the longest string of 90 degree weather we have had in quite some time ... it will cool off early next week but there are signs the he will return by the end of next week ... talk about a string of hot weather ... a friend will be approaching us on sunday evening we have a little bubble of high pressure with relief next week and we're looking forward to that here is the seventh day forecast 99-100 degrees predicted today with high heat indices ... tomorrow 97 degrees scattered stars popping and and the afternoon ... heat may actually research a bit on saturday we have a chance of rain on friday ... the
12:58 pm
humidity may drop on sunday for couple of days but the end of next week will be hot once again ... >>thank you so much for joining us today. hope you have a great afternoon. we will be leaving you with more live music from good luck jane ... you can't catch them on saturday night at the cubby bear in wrigleyville ... ñ@úñ
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